"got the world on a string..."

...well, at least a little of it.

"..ah..the new work environment (office) where magic happens." (where did all that empty space go ?)

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ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, Inc. is an Independent Film Production Studio, specializing in full length feature films and movie shorts in both live action and 3D animation formats. Our mission is to produce and distribute the best possible content that we can create, films that are worthy of our precious time and resources and whose impact and storytelling lasts in the memories of its viewers. We ARE working...several new projects have been added...

This site as well as the physical studio is complete. As the old adage goes...Rome was not built in a day. More Progress is being made every day. We are currently on an a newly adjusted schedule.

. . . . . MOST RECENT EVENTS . . . . .

To check on current production work always click on the menu button "PROJECTS" on the left side of this page.

For significant events and/or milestones before the last listed (above) date please go to EVENTS....

"...and the view from that office window." (this location still exists today)


"..samples of our shooting location scouting trips in Florida..." (this location still exists)

"... another location that caught our eye..." (this location has been altered as part of a renovation process)


"...and one more that has potential" (this location has been rebuilt as a park/preserve and the actual location of this shot NO LONGER exists as shown)

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